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Little Shop, Big City Owner

“You must have the passion and the drive to help others” – Artur Kyrcz

It’s no secret that we are all pining to kick our bad habits, embrace healthier lifestyles, and transform our bodies. It’s all within our grasp, waiting for us to take the next step. But many of us don’t know how or what it takes to transform our bodies, our minds, and most importantly, our lives.

Meet Arty. Owner of our first and only HERC’s Nutrition in Toronto.

Arty has been a member of the HERC’s family since 2016, but his story actually begins years before he decided to join our community. From a childhood of obesity to a career based in physical fitness and personal training, Arty has had quite a remarkable journey. At twenty years old, in the hospital with serious heart issues, Arty decided it was time to make a change. That’s when he stepped into one of our HERC’s stores for the first time and was immediately drawn to its “very welcoming and honest” culture. And just a few years later, he was one of us.

In pursuing a healthier lifestyle, the key pillars of Arty’s life became transformation and healing – not only for himself, but for others. And that’s exactly what he brings to his customers.

 Little Shop, Big City Owner 1

As one of our more distinctive owners, Arty has managed to create a special place for nutritional supplements and protein shakes in one of Toronto’s most vibrant neighborhoods. CityPlace is a newer neighborhood within Toronto’s downtown core that is bustling with professional singles, young couples, trendy shops and abundant restaurants. The neighborhood is also popping with boutique gyms and CrossFit centers, but there’s a lack of stores to supplement this type of lifestyle. That’s why Arty decided to introduce his neighborhood to our unique HERC’s culture. His store and his approach are designed to welcome everyone – from career-driven men and women to busy parents to aging grandparents to athletes and bodybuilders.

But Arty’s store isn’t like the rest. By recognizing in his customers a different type of HERC’s consumer – one that is more conscious of ingredients, community, and honesty – Arty has adapted the HERC’s brand to cater to this new demographic. He’s added his own personal touch to nearly every aspect of his shop – from the bright lights and an airy atmosphere right down to the ingredients of the classic HERC’s Shake. In spearheading the trend of BCA slushies and 100% vegan protein shakes, Arty’s store has added unique value to the HERC’s brand by meeting the needs of its own distinct demographic while maintaining the traditional attributes that have made this such a great brand over the years. And that’s the kind of owner we’re always searching for!

Arty’s advice for future HERC’s owners: “You can’t sell people lies. It’s not always about selling products, it’s about selling an experience.”

If you’re interested in becoming a HERC’s owner or if you’re just looking to get some honest health and fitness insights, stop by HERC’s CityPlace and meet Arty! We’re sure he’ll tell you exactly what you need to hear. Interested in hearing what others have to say? Check out the Google reviews for HERC’s CityPlace here.

Photography: Mustafa Sheikh  

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