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Join an Established & Successful Brand 

HERC'S Nutrition Canada is growing and we are looking for people with a drive for business and a passion for health and wellness to join our #HERCSFAMILY.

What makes for a successful HERC’S Nutrition store owner?

Commitment and a
strong work ethic

A passion for helping and engaging with the community

An interest in business, retail & e-commerce operations

Process focused and data driven

Start Your Own Nutrition Business with a National Market Leader  

We're not like other supplement companies. We live for innovation and strive to bring every customer awesome value. Just like in fitness, we understand success requires constantly challenging yourself to push further, stepping out of your comfort zone on a daily basis. So we created one of the most ambitious torefront/ecommercehybrids. That’s catapulted us to becoming one of Canada’s biggest lifestyle nutritional retailer.

We’re continuously expanding to ensure we give our store owners and customers exactly what they need to achieve their definition of success. Pairing personalized service with incredible pricing isn’t just a philosophy, it’s how we work every day. We augment that with a continuous drive to employ leading edge innovation, never growing complacent and forever embracing next gen marketing tech to equip our team leaders for success.

How We Got Here?

Our store owners are unique with little desire to conform to a cookie cutter franchise system. Our strength is in our independent licensing business model for each store, which empowers owners to operate autonomously while being powered by the full support of our Digital HQ.
Our ownership team is a vetted group of people who share our company values: to continuously evolve, be passionately committed to service and be damn nice, positive people! As a unit, we share in each other’s strength to successfully drive the brand forward.

Why HERC’s Nutrition Canada?

Since our first store opened in 1995, HERC’s has established a dominant position in the nutrition industry. Today we span over 24 locations across Canada and that number continues to grow.

Join an exceptionally strong brand with a large and growing customer base. HERC’s champions:

An amazing in-store shopping experience

Affordable, accessible, and reliable
nutritional supplements

A dependable supply chain

Local delivery infrastructure to connect your business to online consumers and maximize reach

A digital HQ which continuously invests in high quality SEO and content marketing. 

Interested and want to learn more?

Fill out our
Application Form and someone will be in touch to discuss the HERC’s business model with you.

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A Message from the Brand CEO & Founder, Dave Dekker

For over 25 years as founder and CEO of the HERC’S Nutrition brand, I’ve experienced the evolution of the HERC’S community, from initial concept to the amazing place that it has become today. I’m extremely thankful for the passion, strength and togetherness of this value-based community. Values that have allowed us to face unprecedented business challenges including pandemic related disruptions and come out stronger and even more connected. It is a testament to the greatness of the people behind our brand. This means you!

I would personally like to thank our customers, our family of store owners, HQ team, our global brand & technology partners and all the leaders we’ve connected with across North America for an incredible year and your help in creating an opportunity for everyone that is a part of our HERC’S Community.

“In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity” - Albert Einstein

I feel that we are just getting started, and after such a great year of growth, our future is looking exciting!

Thank You
Dave Dekker, CEO

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What Our Store Owners Are Saying

"It’s difficult to put into only a few sentences how opening a Herc’s Nutrition changed the course of my life. Instead of working my previous corporate job, I pursued a passion, and it became my reality. It wasn’t easy, by any means however, I don’t regret my decision. I absolutely love being an owner of Herc’s Nutrition in my community. I’ve owned this business for almost 6 years, and I’m proud to operate it daily. Some may think of us as just another retailer in the industry, but I do strongly believe we make an impact on the daily lives of our customers. We bring joy, knowledge and inclusion to the nutritional supplements industry, we want our space to feel like home."

"I love that Johnny and I have to freedom to run our store how we want here in Saskatoon, but also have a strong support group from other local owners. People vibe different in different cities, we love our customers and the friendships we are building.  We are like one big Herc's family with nothing but love and support for all!"

"Owning my HERCs stores has been an awesome experience.  I have the freedom to run my business how I want, but having the team of support behind me is invaluable! HERCs is truly a family business."

"The greatest part about owning Herc’s Nutrition is being part of this great city and community. It is very rewarding to support our local community. I love running into my customers at the gym, the grocery store or at my kid's sport activities and being part of their fitness journey. We are making a difference every single day and are grateful for the opportunity."

"The amazing thing about owning your own store is that we get to specifically work with our Herc’s community on a personal level. This is what allows us to not only to do something that we love and are passionate about but provides us with learning opportunities to gain a thorough understanding of what our customers' needs and wants are.We then get to put our skills and knowledge to good use and gain that personal satisfaction from implementing and creating ideas while watching our community succeed on their personal journeys."

"Knowing that I get to be a part of the journey of bettering yourself, makes everything worth it to Me. Whether it's finding a solution to your problem your having, giving you information about a product you've been thinking about taking or just being an ear to listen to You when you're having a bad day. Helping you, Makes This Better For Me."

Frequently Asked Questions

No it is not. Many national businesses which require greater flow and diversity in business choose licensing. This means that the location owner is allowed more flexibility in following the HERC’s business model.  The results are meant to give your local clients the best service possible, and design with us your version of a HERC’s store.

We walk each of our new owners through each step of launching a new store. That begins with selecting your location, sourcing commercial space and determining the investment needed to launch your physical store. Our leadership team helps you build out each new state-of-the-art store, including setting up with industry leading equipment, retail stock, e-commerce and marketing.

Start-up capital requirements range from $150K to $275K CAD and is dependant on the region, city and buildout. Capital funding is available.

If you want to invest in your own business while accessing support and leveraging the power of a nationwide brand and owner’s group, HERC’s Nutrition Canada might be right for you. If you are looking to become a business owner, lead a more independent life and be in control of your future, HERC’s Nutrition Canada may be the right fit for your aspirations.

HERC’s was built on an inclusive model that makes fitness, nutrition and wellness accessible to all. You’ll benefit from attracting our diverse clientele which spans all age groups, genders and lifestyles. More inclusion means more customers!

HERC’s is focused on supporting our owners in a way no other supplement business has. This means we use next-gen technology to constantly push the brand further, whether it’s virtual shopping, same-day delivery or consumer-friendly in-store experiences – Our brand is designed for the way consumers shop now and in the future. 

Greater independence! Both franchise and licence systems are driven by independently owned locations. At HERC’s we believe that regional and owner characteristics can be enhanced through guidance and availability of information in a licence system. We have many moving retailing parts that need attention at the whims of economic growth. Our templates work! 

HERC’s provides full use of the HERC’s brand and trademark. But you also receive direct consultations with the founding members, providing you with invaluable insight and access to decades of experience in the wellness and fitness lifestyle industry. You also gain access to a digital HQ which invests in driving online traffic to produce ecommerce revenue which ultimately store owners fulfill and benefit from.

The health, nutrition and dietary supplement industry continues to expand and grow in revenue. However, each store’s performance will vary depending on a range of factors including: 

Location, size of the regional market and store variables

Regional competition

The ability of the store owner and team to drive performance

Our licensed business model and unique holistic approach to supporting our ownership group provides additional reinforcement which franchise and independent stand-alone start-ups lack.    Our ownership group works together to achieve strategic objectives for the brand, sharing marketing costs, greatly reducing start-up expenditures.

All of our successful HERC’s store owners are unique, with different backstories, life challenges and obstacles that they have personally overcome. Yet each has a set of similar qualities that have helped them achieve business success within the HERC’s family. While every business scenario is different, here’s some of the  qualities that typical helped make a store owner a success: 

A passion for the health/wellness/fitness industry

A strong belief in the products and services we offer

Good business management skills 

Strong leadership skills that create a healthy work environment for employees

A proactive commitment and dedication to be present and personally nurture your community of staff and customers 

The success of the business is ultimately determined by the performance and commitment of the store owner. If you believe you have these qualities, apply now for more information.

It’s simple to start the process. Complete the Application form. Upon review, the candidate will be contacted to schedule an interview. A written application will be required to be submitted post interview; this application will include details of funding.

Once we determine that the candidate is interested in an area that is still available, and their beliefs are in line with our company values, they will then be sent the formal store license application and financial disclosure forms. Once the application is processed, the successful candidate will be invited to an introductory meeting with the HERC’s leadership team and will be able to submit a deposit for the applied for territory

Many factors go into the cost of your initial investment, such as location and the regional commercial real estate market. However, should you need some financing options, we can work with you to show you how to access the approximately $200,000 needed to open your store. This figure is only an estimate however and more information would be needed to determine your actual start-up investment costs.


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