Are you a candidate for HERC’s Ownership?

As a HERC’s store owner, we believe that your shared values with the HERC’s brand is the primary driver that will make you successful working with our business model. HERC’s values hands on leadership for all of its store owners. HERC’s Nutrition Locations are “store licenses”. HERC’s does not “franchise”. The difference is very important to our brand philosophy.

Upon review, the candidate will be contacted to schedule an interview. A written application will be required to be submitted post interview; this application will include details of funding. Please note that the minimum funding requirements will be $210,000 in liquid capital.

Once we determine that the candidate is interested in an area that is still available, and their beliefs are in line with our company values, they will then be sent the formal store license application and financial disclosure forms. Once the application is processed, the successful candidate will be invited to an introductory meeting with the HERC’s leadership team and will be able to submit a deposit for the applied for territory.

HERC’s Ownership License Application Form

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