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14 Awesome Fitness Brands You Didn’t Know Were Canadian

Happy Canada Day! We thought this was a great time to show some love to all the amazing, effective brands and formulas that have their roots firmly placed in Canada. We love supporting Canadian brands as you probably do too. 

Not only are these brands a great way to support the country and our own innovations in fitness and nutrition, but they also offer you the nutrition support you’re looking for to get the results you’re looking for and level up your progress. 

Ready to be surprised by the variety of Canadian brands designed to help you on your fitness journey? Check them out below and remember you can get them all right here at HERC’s.


Nutritional Support From Canadian Brands


Genuine Health

Genuine Health began first with a supplement shop in Toronto’s LGBT neighborhood in the 1980s. It was a time when the HIV/AIDS epidemic was causing so much loss and pain in the community. Genuine Health’s founder Stewart Brown says that this experience created Genuine Health’s values-driven approach and dedication to improving the health of people around the world.. 

Today, Genuine Health is proud to be the first supplement company to be classified as a BCorp, meaning they are focused on practices that benefit the community and do good for the world. Genuine Health has a lot to be proud of. According to they were the first nutrition company to: 

  • create a superfood formula
  • complete nine research studies on their superfood formula.
  • to support using phytonutrients for better health
  • Introduce fermented protein and supplements that use fermented ingredients
  • Include the use of natural eggshell membrane for supporting pain management.

Fermented Protein - supports lean muscle mass, muscle recovery, feel fuller without bloating 

Probiotics - helps support good gut bacteria and supports a strong immune system

Prebiotics - nourish the gut bacteria that support overall health and wellness

Collagen - essential to healthy hair, skin, and joints

Pain Relief - ingredients to support joint health, mobility, and range of motion

Genuine Health

Progressive Nutritional

As its name implies, Progressive Nutritional is committed to making a positive impact on the world. They combine rigorous scientific testing and research with a natural medicine perspective focused on wellness and optimal health. At its core, Progressive is dedicated to making the most effective products with the least environmental footprint. 

OmegaEssentials - Cold water and wild-caught fish oil helps promote mood balance 

VegeGreens - Combines the benefits of six to eight servings of vegetables to support positive energy levels, mental clarity, while helping to detoxify the body and maintain healthy pH balance.

PhytoBerry - With the nutritional value of six to eight servings of fruit, this supplement offers antioxidant protection and energy support along with helping to improve mental clarity. 

Progressive Nutritional’s line includes Probiotics, Multivitamins, Fish Oil, Complete Collagen and Curcumin Turmeric. 

North Coast Naturals

North Coast Naturals

North Coast Naturals are serious about their commitment to being a locally founded and locally made Canadian company. While many supplement companies outsource their production to other manufacturers, North Coast is proud to be 100% made in Canada. They operate an innovative facility in Port Coquitlam, BC. Founded by the McMahon family in 1996, they now employ over 120 team members, with an emphasis on high-quality ingredients and quality control. 

Their product line is seriously diverse, with a long list of products that includes those designed to support Immunity, Focus, Energy, Digestive and Gut Health, Fitness, Skin, Hair, Joints, and Weight Management. North Coast Naturals designs formulas for vegan, keto, and paleo diets and includes grass-fed with an emphasis on locally-sourced Canadian ingredients.

 RAW Nutritional

Raw Nutritional

Combining the pursuit of health with social responsibility and innovation, Raw Nutritional was built with a simple goal: to make great tasting and high-quality nutritional supplements. The Canadian couple Samuel and Sandrine first began brainstorming a vegan protein that offered the same flavor appeal as its whey counterparts. Both vegetarian, the pair couldn’t find an appealing vegan protein on the market that was palatable enough to make them commit to veganism. As they saw, necessity is the mother of invention and the rest is history.  

Raw Nutritional's line includes vegan protein powder, amino acids, along with a variety of superfood powders and capsule supplements. Their Vegan Pro protein comes in six flavors including Very Berry, Maple Vanilla, and Butterscotch — all taste tested for smoothness and deliciousness. 



Canada Brands Designed For Muscle Building 

Muscle Building


Did you know PERFECT Sports was the first sports nutrition company to bring New Zealand whey protein to Canada. They’re now the number one NZ whey protein featuring grass-fed, pasture-raised dairy. They proudly sport the Made in Canada label on all of their products, which include a full line of protein, mass, recovery, and strength products. Sweeten with Stevia, PERFECT is known for its delicious menu of scrumptious flavors like Maple Waffle, Vanilla Cupcake, and Iced Mochaccino.

DIESEL - Provides over 26g of amino acids and 7g of BCAAs to promote muscle building and prevent muscle loss

PERFECT - and you get 24 g of the most delicious protein your body demands without artificial flavorings


Pure Vita Labs also known as PVL designs sports supplements with high performance athletes in mind. Their products all feature the Informed Choice Certificate, which shows that all of PVL supplements have used a third party highly-respected testing lab to ensure they are free of banned substances. 

With a full line of whey protein, BCAAs, creatine, gainers, and glutamine, PVL tailors its product line to the needs of the athlete. Pure is not only part of its name, it is the company’s value and mantra.  

PVL features two full lines of products:

Performance Series - Includes whey protein, pure BCAA, creatine, MCT oil, and glutamine

Gold Series -  Includes isolated whey protein, Keto Boom for instant ketone energy and EAA+BCAA complete amino acid compound.

ANS Performance

ANS Performance is proud to be a brand built by athletes and scientists, people that work in gyms, in training, in weight rooms. This gives them the unique perspective of understanding what high-performance athletes need. Their consistently popular line includes:

  • Ketosys - Helping to boost energy and focus for Keto lifestyles. Products in this category are sweetened with Stevia and include MTC from coconut oil. They are balanced for the ideal keto ratio with products in this line featuring a breakdown of 70% fat, 20% protein and less than 10% carbs.
  • Prophecy Pre-Workout - Elevate your workout with this formula that promises unlimited energy without the crash experienced with some pre-workouts. Enhances endurance and muscle output.
  • QUENCH - A BCAA formula designed for more gains and shorter recovery times. Made with coconut water and Himalayan sea salt it’s available in six mouth-watering flavors including Pink Lemonade and Peach Mango and has a “no banned substance” pledge.


Just take one look at Nutrabolic’s social media and you’ll see they are firmly planted in Canada. Find co-founder Jayson Wyner working out around BC while building a coaching and hosting his Perform podcast. Nutrabolics has only been in business for 13 years, but in that time their popularity with athletes has grown to a loyal following, with reach now extending to over 50 countries. 

With a focus on nutraceuticals, Nutrabolics has a team of scientists developing high-effective formulas focused on purity and performance. Their line includes everything the serious athlete needs to make serious gains, including Creatine, Glutamine, Carnitine, BCAA, gainers, hydration formulas, hormone amplifiers, hydrolyzed whey, pre-workouts, and fat burners.



More Canadian Fitness Nutrition Brands

HERC's Nutrition

TC Nutrition

This popular Canadian brand features a full line of supplements for weight management, muscle building and performance support. Their line includes the popular weight-loss Hydraburn, Essential Greens, and Isoshock whey protein isolate for muscle growth and weight loss.

ALLMAX Nutrition

ALLMAX has a dizzying array of nutritional support products. The Canadian fitness brand includes pre-workouts, protein, cleanses, intra-workout, gainers, creatine, and post-workouts (among other things!) Their top sellers include the Isoflex whey protein isolate. Oh, and it comes in a dozen crave-worthy flavors like Cinnamon French Toast and Cookies and Cream. 

Iron Brothers

Marc Burton wanted to take some of the hype out of fitness nutrition. The Canadian is proud that he’s not flashing his net-worth or medal from fitness competition. He’s a regular guy who loves to lift. He wanted to bring that down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach to create a fully transparent supplement line for those like him that love to lift. Iron Brothers not only includes protein, BCAA, and pre-workouts, but also support with testosterone boosters, sleep aids, brain booster, fat burners, and joint support. 

Magnum Nutraceuticals

Make every decision with integrity, that’s the motto of Magnum Nutraceuticals founder Markus Kaulius who began Magnum in 2005. The brand uses raw ingredients and a stringent testing process that includes working with only Certified Good Manufacturing Practices producers. Today their line includes protein, fat burners, muscle builders, performance support and testosterone boosters. 

HD Muscle

The Burlington Ontario-based nutrition company features an exhaustive line from pre-workouts to recovery. They third-party test and boast no artificial colors, tested for heavy metals, using non-proprietary formulas that are backed by many local athlete users. 

Beyond Yourself

Quebec born and made in Canada, Beyond Yourself is a brand founded on transparency. So much so you can even take a virtual tour of their facility (which includes a sweet testing gym). Dedicated to producing all of their product on-site, they promise no hidden ingredients or proprietary blends.

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