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Women Who Run the (Fitness) World: Meet Emily Marsh

If you’re on the hunt for deliciously guilt-free recipes, a fresh fitness perspective or just some boss babe inspiration, our very own brand partner, Emily Marsh, has it all.

Emily Marsh of @eat4theinstaa has it all – and she’s just getting started! Couple her awesome instructional content with her booming product line, @artemisathletics, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for female fitness inspiration.

As one of our newest HERC’s partners, Emily’s endless dedication and positivity fit perfectly into our powerful line of female leaders and values. Our partnership with Emily was founded on the goal of providing our amazing community with some sweaty good vibes during these difficult times. With her easy-to-follow at-home HIIT routines and deliciously simple recipes, Emily’s been a key source in motivating us to get active and healthy both inside and outside the gym in 2020.

But Emily brings more to the table than her at-home workouts – as killer as they may be! Our partnership with Emily is based on our strong desire to showcase the power and inspiration that real-life, everyday entrepreneurial girls can offer – without all the airbrushed professional photoshoots. And who better to showcase real female success than a 21-year-old small-town girl taking the Instagram fitness world by storm?

From 200 to 75,000 followers in less than a year, @eatfortheinstaa epitomizes everything the fitness world needs more of – inspiration and motivation for both men and women, experienced gym-goers and first-time weightlifters.


Emily’s killer workout plans and awesome @artemisathleticsco gear are now available online.


But if you’re someone who’s had challenges with maintaining a healthy lifestyle in this quarantine season, you’re definitely not alone. We all go through periods where we lack motivation and would rather binge watch the latest TV show with our favourite snacks. Even Emily. And she’s not afraid to show us her highs and lows.

In fact, Emily’s journey started the same way many of ours do. With her health slipping throughout her time at university, Emily eventually decided it was time to turn things around. But she needed some way to stay accountable. That’s when @eat4theinstaa was born. Everyone can use a partner to hold them accountable and that’s exactly what Emily does with her followers. She counts on them just as much as they count on her for motivation and accountability.

When Emily eventually transitioned from posting healthy meals and recipes to documenting her own weight loss and fitness journey, her following started to gain serious momentum. Her positive engagement with her followers fueled her motivation to empower others with her journey and her own growth. Her journey brings us inspiration because she writes thoughtful captions about healthy living, mental health, and balance. She reveals her own relatable struggles which is a great reminder that we’re not alone in the ups and downs of our own fitness journeys.

Our partnership with Emily has brought many exciting opportunities – for us as well as our customers! From epic workout routines to yummy recipes and new partnerships with exciting brands, Emily is truly an ambassador for strong female leadership and success – something the HERC’s family has no shortage of!

We’re excited to continue showcasing everything she’s capable of (this is just the beginning)!

With Emily’s help (as well as the help of all our powerful female leaders), HERC’s is evolving from a male-centric bodybuilding brand to a more inclusive lifestyle brand focused on wellness and health – no matter your gender. It’s time for us to open the doors and welcome everyone into the world of health and fitness.

Emily’s advice to other female leaders: “Believe in yourself and in what you do. There are always going to be struggles but the only way to overcome them is to keep going.”

You can shop Emily’s product line here.

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