Precision Psycho 310g


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TeaCrine® is a non-stimulant natural compound that provides steady energy and increased mental clarity. When combined with a caffeine source, these benefits are heightened for max performance


More blood flow equals greater oxygen and nutrient delivery to your muscles helping you train at max intensity for longer periods. Nitrosigine® increases blood flow in your body. The end result is massive pumps, one after another.


elevATP™ stimulates your body’s ATP production - the main source of energy used during high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The more ATP available, the better your athletic performance, power output and training volume.


PSYCHO™ utilizes Lion’s Mane, an up-and-coming ingredient in the world of sports nutrition to enhance cognition and improve your sense of focus. We’ve also included TeaCrine® to promote increased attention so you can narrow your focus and hit your mark.

PSYCHO™ contains Beta-Alanine to help buffer exercise-induced lactic acid production – the culprit behind cramps, nausea, and weakness. Also included is Taurine to support mental focus so you’ll be ready to tackle any workout, game, or sport, no matter how challenging.


If you ever find your strength wavering, dehydration may be at play. PSYCHO™ provides electrolytes (found in Ancient Ocean® Himalayan Pink Sea Salt and Coconut Water), so your muscles and nerves can fire at optimal levels for high performance.

Our ingredients are dosed following the evidence found in clinical studies. Everything is backed by research and science to give you the best formula with the right numbers. Just an extra step we take to ensure we give you the best in sports nutrition.

We’re 100% committed to full disclosure. Our dedication to creating high-calibre products is at the forefront of everything we do. That’s why we never hesitate to openly share the ingredients we use (and in what quantities) on every product label.

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