HERC’s Saskatoon: Family-Powered

June 22, 2020


Raised in small towns, provinces apart, their paths crossed in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She’s a massage therapist with a love for team sports. He’s an insurance broker and lead guitar player in a touring hard rock band.

They have their own interests and hobbies but they’re both successful at what they do. They’re determined, hard-working, and confident. They’re always striving to better themselves and their communities. They have different strengths and weaknesses, but they team up to excel at everything they do.

Together, they snowboard, raise a family, and own their own business.

Meet Saskatchewan’s first HERC’s owners, Amber and Johnny.

The perfect combination of passion and hard work, Amber and Johnny are definitely our idea of a power couple. And their very own HERC’s store just opened its doors in Saskatoon.

“We want to be able to provide people with a place for compassion and connection.”

While their store has modified its hours and capacity due to COVID-19 restrictions, Amber and Johnny are still there to meet the community, listen to its needs, and provide the best solutions for health, fitness and everything in between. They offer only the best vitamins and supplements to ensure you’re always meeting your goals – and if you’re not, just let them know and they’ll work with you to find products that actually make a difference.

As a young family, Amber and Johnny are hoping their career path and lifestyle choices will encourage their children to lead more healthy and mindful lives. And they hope they can spread this mentality to other families as well. Together, Amber and Johnny are helping us break the mould of traditional images of supplement stores. They’re showing us – and others – that anybody – whether you’re retired or raising a young family – is capable of leading healthy and active lives. Even in the midst of all this recent uncertainty.

Despite the fact that their store opened right before a global pandemic, the couple has gone above and beyond to remain connected with their customers and to provide new and fun ways of staying active and healthy at home – especially if you have kids! They might not be fitness gurus, but their small family is committed to sharing their active and healthy lifestyle tips with the rest of the community.

Amber and Johnny have created an atmosphere that’s welcoming and educational so if you’re a first timer at a supplement store or just getting into the world of physical fitness, you won’t feel intimidated!

Next time you’re looking for a health store near you, check out HERC’s Saskatoon. With high quality protein powder, vitamins, and other nutritional supplements, Amber and Johnny are equipped to help you through your weight-loss, muscle-building, and nutrition-seeking goals! And if you see kids running around behind the counter, don’t worry, they might share some fun tips with you as well.

If Amber and Johnny’s story has inspired you to own your own HERC’s, check out this link or get in touch with us! We’re always looking for committed and passionate people to help us expand our reach throughout Canada.

Or maybe you just feel like discovering a new local band? Check out Johnny’s band, @despitethereverence on Instagram.

Amber and Johnny’s advice to future HERC’s owners: “Keep learning, never pretend to know things you don’t, and always be real.”

Follow us on Instagram to learn more about our awesome HERC’s owners and culture at @hercs_nutrition.

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