Herc’s Talks- Diverse Diet Equals Better Sleep Quality 2015-11-15 – Posted in: Blog – Tags: , , , , , ,

If you’re eating the same foods all the time, there’s a chance your nighttime slumber might be suffering. A study published in the journal Appetite found that regularly getting too little or too much sleep was associated with less variety in food choices.

Researchers analyzed answers to the 2007-2008 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and determined that daily nutrient intake might be influencing sleep quality. Subjects with the healthiest sleep patterns also consumed the widest variety of food types.

Because of the important role sleep plays in recovery and rebuilding from the breakdown of exercise, don’t get stuck in an endless cycle of oatmeal, skinless chicken breast, sweet potatoes and tuna. All those foods are fine, but mixing in a colorful assortment of fresh garden vegetables can add a range of micronutrients to your diet while introducing some different tastes to that ‘same old, same old’ flavor profile.

Eating dark greens along with a colorful vegetable will promote brain health and help with concentration and improve memory. Varying your diet will also help to produce the melatonin that your body needs for a deep restorative sleep, which also helps to maintain a healthy weight, and even promote lower body fat. Enjoy your food, and always remember to keep your meals and snacks diverse.


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